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hanami, brooklyn botanical gardens

Sakura season is irresistible. Here’s a snapshot of one of my favorite days on this sabbatical thus far. As it turns out, time spent alone exploring all the things I love about this city… Continue reading

these are a few of my favorite things.

I know it’s my second post of the day, but this had to happen. A brilliant, life-loving kindred soul marries her love for fashion and food (also two of my favorite f-words… {ahem}…)… Continue reading


Ok, so I talk about my cat a lot. Shaddup. I’m a crazy cat lady and I’ll admit it, goddammit. I love that the Internet chose cats for the majority of its memes.… Continue reading

capitol couture(!!!)

Unless you’ve recently awoken from a cryogenic slumber, you’ve at least heard, more likely partaken in the hubbub surrounding the post-apocalyptic young adult series The Hunger Games, whose film adaptation hits US screens on… Continue reading

dear dear creatures!

I could write around 274 missives of unconditional adoration to Dear Creatures, I really could. They could take various forms — on the one hand, laden with slang of the internetz, emoticons and… Continue reading

inspiration: garance doré

Today, I am sitting on a [peach-hued] happy cloud. We at the office had the honor and pleasure of the loveliest of visits from Garance Doré, one of the foremost fashion bloggers in… Continue reading