mind blown.

mind blown. like, exceedingly blown.


It’s really no secret that I relish in the season of Yuletide. So, let’s just eschew with the formalities and get down to the merry business, shall we? Yippee! Here we go! Jaunty Epaulet shirt,… Continue reading

isabel marant madness

This weekend counts as one of the few where moppet stature actually paid off. After multiple unsuccessful attempts competing with H&M’s uncooperative, confounding and overburdened e-comm site, where desired pieces weren’t sold out… Continue reading

please help.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of petite levity with a humble plea. Photograph by: Mast Irham | epa The devastation in the country of my birth is so overwhelming I really have… Continue reading

music + cats.

Today is a big day in this little life of mine: Release of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor; Release (after much delay) of Sky Ferreira’s Night Time, My Time; and most importantly: National Cat Day… Continue reading

aquamarine teen hunger force

I’ve had one of those energy-depleting, hacking cough-riddled, sleep deprived (albeit awesome) bootcamp type weeks, so this is what you get today. My fringe fairy godmother, Sarah, once again worked her sparkly magic… Continue reading


Guten tag! Last week, we returned from a whirlwind fortnight excursion through Deutschland, hitting Berlin, Regensburg, Munich and the beauteous Chiemsee lake. We returned bearing: Bavarian tracht (traditional costume), mustard, bier bellies, the… Continue reading

travel requisites

The time has come! It’s the annual international vacation for Camille and Brian! I’m giddy with glee and will probably not find repose this evening. In attempt to keep my elated frenzy at… Continue reading

it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Hihihi, Autumn! How I’ve missed you.  <<hug hug hug!>> So long, skeeter bites, eau de Nouveau York detritus on every street corner, rear-knee sweat, et al. Salutations, ankle booties, moto jackets, kaleidoscopic foliage, cornucopia holiday… Continue reading

feel it all around.

Idyllic and verdant, perspiring and hazy, sun-soaked and bug-bitten. This, mesdames, is summer in my beloved Brooklyn. Throwing caution to the summer wind in a Zara cutout dress, Swedish Hasbeens X H&M wedges,… Continue reading