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fashback friday: hot diggity donut!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It has just dawned on me that today, this fine first Friday in June, is dedicated to the┬áresplendent gift to humankind known as the doughnut (or donut…a thing so magnificent… Continue reading

fashback friday: i heart onesies

Some things never change. I wish I had a lil’ romper that is a larger version of the one pictured here. That’s my brother Jorell on the right. You can see he’s got… Continue reading

fashback: hocus pocus

In attempt to abate cabin fever post-superstorm and since Sandy’s thwarting most everyone’s plans for a full-blown Halloween this year, I’m posting yet again. It’s one of the few things I can do… Continue reading

fashback (better together): sophomore year in matrimony

So this happened two years ago today. During the bestest of all the seasons, natch. Our dear chum Wayne presided over the thing. Our besties Ben and Katja made this video, because they… Continue reading

fashback: deux oiseaux

The first in a series of retrospecting upon past get-ups, this gallery also documents a super-special occasion: the day my dear friends Christine and Bryce got married. They’re currently celebrating three months of… Continue reading