chapter TBD

May is officially upon us, which means that my spouse and I are alighting from another round of birthday month. This wasn’t a customary milestone birthday by any means. However, as one does with each instance of aging, and inspired by Ilana’s 23rd birthday episode of Broad City, I reflected for a half-second on what I felt proudest of this past year. As this might typically be a struggle, this time around it wasn’t terribly difficult. Just a couple of weeks prior, I made one of the most considerable and terrifying decisions of my life — to leave one of the greatest companies in the world after a decade of service.

I spent more time at this single institution than any other in my lifespan, and for all intents and purposes, grew up there. It ushered me out of university, relocated me to two different cities (including the one I now call home), introduced me to my husband and connected me to friends I hold very, very dear.

Still, though it made me sick to act upon it, the decision did and does feel absolutely right. I’m so, so very grateful for my time and all I’ve absorbed at this unique company, but the time has come for me to seek a calling that is true to who I am. I’m taking a moment to do some serious soul-searching and attempt to investigate the possibility of finding that happy and enigmatic intersection of what I love and what I’m good at. (Sidebar: the great fortune of having a spouse that supports this is quite brightly marked to me).

I’ve woken up each day since leaving with both a lightness and restlessness for what it will bring, as I haven’t a clue what the plot points of this next chapter will be. I’m hoping with everything I’ve got that this next year will bring me closer to my purpose. But — at least for this very tiny twinkle in time, as I complete this sentence, I can at least declare this: I am happy.

bday 01

A rendering of my feels upon committing to this very big decision…in action figure form via DOOB-3D. This figure could only come into existence wearing Dear Creatures.
bday 02

Birthday bouquet #1
bday 03Rachel Pally Doutzen jumpsuit, Miista booties, Mansur Gavriel mini bucket, Aegean aragonite necklace from LEIF

bday 04

Birthday bouquet #2

bday 05

Indulging in a most scrumptious birthday lunch at lovely Bouley
bday 06 bday 07 bday 08

Oh, yes, I was recently lucky enough to have a piece done by the one and only Amanda Wachob. More on that later.Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

A birthday image of Brian, natchbday 011

…and his birthday bouquet. I asked for something dark and gothy.