fashback friday: hot diggity donut!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It has just dawned on me that today, this fine first Friday in June, is dedicated to the resplendent gift to humankind known as the doughnut (or donut…a thing so magnificent it commands dual spellings).

To pay homage, here are just a couple of fashbacks focused on this perennially scrumptious source of ecstasy:

photo (1)

That time I had pink hair. And one of many irresistible confections from Dough. Also: Jovovich-Hawk for Target shirt, vintage Levi’s cut-offs, shoes from Fanfinfon Istanbul, Iiibeca (Joy Gryson) North Moore satchel, Céline Audrey sunnies.


That time I had a glute-grazing mane and the glint of evil in my eye whilst devouring this little number from Reynard, in a Chelsea Flower top and necklaces from FriendandNemesis and Istanbul (evil eye!)

photo (2)

…which my spouse translated into J-horror donut demon


That time we ate these in Istanbul. Every culture seems to offer a version of the fried delights, each as delicious as the last. Dear Creatures Mia dress, another FriendandNemesis necklace.

I’m undeniably not alone in my adoration. Just take a gander at how the donut appreciation society has blossomed over the years:


Source: Google Trends 2014

Happy national doughnut day, people. Make me proud and celebrate.

((The Jesus and Mary Chain – Just Like Honey))