cool as a cucumber

Oh, I know, I have not blagged in forever and a day. That’s mostly because the below has been my uniform for all weeks in recent wintertide memory.


Woolrich John Rich & Co. parka (It runs small; go get it, little ladies!), Everlane cashmere beanie (or toque for my Canadian friends and family), heavy fleece-lined leggings, Zara ankle boots

This face? Right here? My polar vortex, et al face. Suspiciously similar to constipation face, I realize this. The above combo of Woolrich down parka plus dense fleece-lined leggings from nondescript, now-defunct Chinatown clothing shop has been my cavalry this season. On aforesaid leggings, I have never seen such a panoply of fleece-lined wearables as the armada currently available at online Asian Fashion emporium YesStyle. They’ve got trousers, skinny denim, tunics, skull and bunny printed tights, sneakers and so much more–all wadded with the downy stuff thermal dreams are made of.

In fact, I may go as far as to say…I am actually enjoying the season of frost. Too far? Well, that may also have something to do with last week’s powdery, cozy, idyllic-as-shit getaway to northern Vermont. Here’s a peek:


That’s me in the middle of a frozen reservoir. BOOM!

More soon.