currently coveting: block heel sandals

Due to a perfect one-two punch of freshly ‘cured toes and weather forecast fail, my current sedentary exercise involves rotating my noggin to my left to gaze half-longingly out a grey window interspersed with vigorous scrolling and clicking through endless pages of block heel sandals. I’ve never been one for the stiletto, as my ability to mobilize in this type of heel would be about as graceful as that of a bus-load of middle American tourists on a Sex and the City tour teetering about the jagged cobblestones of the Meatpacking District, submitting orders for Cosmos before they even reached Buddakan’s slick interior. No, the block heel embraces sensibility, versatility and a sober stride, without sacrificing prettiness (and sometimes edge). Additionally, I am much, much happier to see this now ubiquitous Isabel Marant it sandal catalogued on the blags and ‘zines than that other blasted trend (go away, wedge sneaker swamp-thing, I beg of you!).

Below, a round-up of the ones I’m craving:

block heels

1. Loeffler Randall Heddie Lucite, $325 — my favorite
2. Alexander Wang Ariel, $525
3. Topshop Nichols, $90
4. Elizabeth & James Ryann, $250
5. Miista Maggie, $158
6. Zara, $49.90
7. Miista Shona, $172
8. Chie Mihara Yves, $340
9. Kelsi Dagger Carmen, $114.99

I had fully planned on donning the above Zara pair this weekend with a pair of mom jeans. Instead, I shall don my warm socks and slicker to venture out into the Pacific Northwestern-guised afternoon to watch Gatsby, which a friend recently described as ‘a whole lotta movie’. I can’t wait to have my senses assaulted by opulent 20s frippery and sensational party numbers and glitter and flattering soft light design. Outro, friends.