32 flavors and then some

Sparkling new Dear Creatures frock? Freshly heliotroped hairs? Smells like a nameday!

32 flavors

Trente-deux, mo-fos. Consider yourself loved for letting you see me like this.

So what does it mean to me–this foray into my third multiple of eleven? At this very moment, more of the same, but that’s mostly a positive as I’m aware that I’m blessed with some pretty good shit.

32 flavors 2

Dear Creatures Brighton dress (Dear Creatures dresses are ideal for birthdays, y’all!), ASOS Petite moto jacket, Seychelles music to my ears heels, vintage Ferragamo purse

Can I let you in on a dirty little secret, though? I, Camille M., am still ridiculously insecure at the sophisticated vintage of trente-deux. I am the greatest obstacle to myself. (This is no rarity, as most of the mind-blowingly beauteous and gifted ladies I know and love row the same boat.) In fact, the one force fielded area of my life I feel the most liberated is the one documented in this here lil’ blog: I dress up, I wear loud lipstick and sometimes loud hair. Repeat. It’s a mood ring for how I feel or wish to feel. I firmly believe in masquerades, wigs, false lashes and unapologetic birthday dresses (duh). When someone I don’t know in the corporate setting eyes me up and down with the “WTF is she wearing?” horror in their eyes, I smirk and quietly pat myself on the back for a job well done. Styling my person is the one place I do not give an eagle-soaring expletive about the opinions of others because it makes me, first and foremost, happy. So, if you’ve never met me, I might have fooled you! Because, see, if I could only figure out how to gracefully infuse this very attitude and sentiment into all other aspects of my life where the spirit of inadequacy and introversion often prevail–I might unlock the thing that truly sets me free.

</real talk> Here’s a photo of the carb blast my team at work showered upon me today. Thanks guys! My insulin spike loves you 🙂

32 flavors3

((Ani DiFranco – 32 Flavors))