on extensive hemming

Learning to sew has been on my bucket list of self-amelioration for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been daunted by the seemingly complex business of threading bobbins, upper and lower threadings (terms I was previously unaware of), foot pedal pressure and so on and so forth.

sewing 1

I had a bit of time to myself over the winter holidays, and used a few of these hours to engage in a couple of Diana Rupp’s lovely make workshops in downtown NYC. These few hours ended up being some of the most valuable spent on my sabbatical. After all, this blog does chronicle petite style life, so should ‘extensive hemming’ be abridged to ‘moderate hemming’ where bothersome errand-running and budgeting are concerned, I’ll be a happy clam.

sewing 2

I took Diana’s Intro to Sewing Machine and Simple Alterations classes, where she quickly calmed my nerves with casual and accessible step-by-step instructions, and, naturally–repetition. I’ve since hemmed a pair of jeans, a couple of pairs of leggings (albeit terribly), a dress and a pair of husband-face’s workout pants. Now, while I could never hope to be a Madame Grès, or, heck, even as skilled as the dry cleanerslashtailor down the street, I’ve at least almost paid for my sewing machine in DIY hems and will {wishful thinking} no longer build leaning towers of alteration piles.

If you’re like me and have sewing on your list of things to learn and you’re in NYC, I highly recommend Diana’s classes!

sewing 3

sewing 4

sewing 5

We made wallets!