o hai, twenty-thirteen!

Happy new year to you, dear reader!

We spent the East Coast turnover in our beloved Brooklyn with some of our dearest chums, an absinthe fountain (and our dearest cat, natch).

This year’s NYE outfit sprung out of a combo of two things I love very much: cats and mermaids. Brian got me this sea nymph-esque skirt because it sparkles and resembles a tropical fish tail, and I decided to sport some lacy cat ears, as Halloween never happened this year, and because, why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks not, I ask??

A word of caution: many of the following are very blurry, but that’s how most experience this of all nights anyway, no?

nye13 088

H&M skirt, Leigh Lezark V1 x Surface to Air heels

nye13 087

Some green fairy action

nye13 085

The more you know…

nye13 092

Oh, hey! More mermaid themed items! The siren flask — a gift from B.

nye13 096

Just a coupla purdy ladiez

photo 1

We may or may not have re-applied glitter throughout the evening…

nye13 102

New Year’s kitteh

nye13 111

Kitteh + kitteh = very confusing

nye13 117

Some ladiez in masks

nye13 119

Yep, that’s my spouse, y’all.

photo 3

Pictured from left to right: cat, champagne flute, angel

photo 4

Our 70s sitcom portrait

Wishing you all a 2013 filled with happiness, warmth, wonder and well-being! Signing off for now with my favorite song of 2012: