on aforementoined sequins (+ flowers)

Last Sunday in NYC was just as delightfully overcast and dreary as this Sunday, and thus became craft day in our household. Brian painted miniature monsters, and I attempted a flower crown (same same), made famous, of course, by Mz. polarizing LDR. To my great shock, it turned out quite decent, and wearable to the company holiday party.

holiday 1

Hot glue contraptions are nifty

holiday 4

…and they, like many things, confuse cats

holiday 2

holiday 5

$12 in materials

holiday 7

The finished product! With SEQUINS! TFNC sequin dress (currently at insane sale price), Hansel from Basel ombre tights, United Nude Lo Res heels

holiday 8

His: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece suit (similar style here)

holiday 9

Assorted festive faces

Once again, merry sequin season!