fashback: hocus pocus

In attempt to abate cabin fever post-superstorm and since Sandy’s thwarting most everyone’s plans for a full-blown Halloween this year, I’m posting yet again. It’s one of the few things I can do to keep occupied (and attempt to avoid daydreams of hocus-pocusing all the devastation currently rocking the East Coast away).

In the ruthless competitive landscape of holidays, Halloween is king for us (closely followed, of course, by the glutton’s choice). Here, a few costumes from years past. Clearly, my lazy stand-bys have been anything involving a powdered wig and the prohibition era (this easily comes directly from my closet and Brian’s).

Retro Red and her wolf

Top middle: our sexiest couple’s costume — medieval plague doctor + plague victim
Bottom middle: a last-minute Stop the Virgens girl + priestess

Masquerading aside, my heart and thoughts go out to all my East Coast neighbors, especially those facing far worse problems than stir-craziness and Internet outages. Hope you are all keeping safe and warm! The Man Repeller wrote a warm and positive post yesterday, whose exact sentiment I am now stealing: here’s a link to a great Mashable article with numerous ways you can help victims online if you choose.

Wishing a happy and safe Halloween to all.

((Best Halloween playlist ever))