türkiye, days 1 & 2: istanbul

Husband-face and I have just returned from an anniversary jaunt to Turkey, the country of his long-time dreams. I’m super glad he got to pick this year, because it turned out to be the most amazing, perfectly perfect adventure we’ve had to date. There’s absolutely no way I could ever ever do apt justice to the awe-inspiring beauty and vibrancy and richness of the place and culture, but if these highlights can proffer even just a tiny iota of our eye-opening, life enriching, exhilarating experience, I’ll be happy as a clam.

Getting lost in Beyoğlu, our favorite district in Istanbul, is simply lovely.

Laser cat t-shirt from Society6, ASOS leather skirt, Salt Water sandals, Céline Audrey sunglasses, Iiibeca North Moore Satchel

We watched the sunset every single day here.

Topkapı Palace

Palace tiles

600 year-old tree in Topkapı Palace, the oldest on the grounds

Patterns and patterns

A hammed-up view from the palace

Oldie Jovovich-Hawk x Target dress, vintage necklace, leather flats from Florence, Italy, Céline Audrey sunglasses

Outside the Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, interior

…I mean, everyday.

((Cat Power – Ruin))