fashback (better together): sophomore year in matrimony

So this happened two years ago today. During the bestest of all the seasons, natch. Our dear chum Wayne presided over the thing. Our besties Ben and Katja made this video, because they are the bee’s knees and we love them. Best viewed at HD full screen.

(Bird art by Susan Surface)

It was pretty much the happiest and bestest dayslashthing ever.

His: Brooklyn Tailors bespoke 3-piece suit (yay for local designers!)

Hers: This Kenneth Pool runway sample (i.e. they chopped off yards and yards of fabric), ostrich shrug by The Wedding Dresser

Bridal party wore: suits of their choosing in grays and frocks of their choosing in shades of mustard and marigold, flowers by the loverly Rebecca Shepherd (seriously, check out her astounding work!)

I’m a marital moose, duh.

Ooh, mysterious.

Photos by the lovely miss Yudi Ela Echevarria, makeup by the equally lovely miss Eliven Quiros

Love is neat. Kthxbye.

((Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hysteric))