oh mylanta.

I have been a terrible blogger. The first month of the bestest of all the seasons, it turns out, has been absolutely gridlocked with work things and their associated exhaustion, social obligations, and cat-related stresses. Poor Audrey has kitty anxiety, you guys! (Sidenote: You know what would make her feel better? If you vote for her in the 2013 GCat Rescue Picture PURRfect Cat Contest!).

Moving on, let’s focus on scarfslashleathermotojacketslashtrench weather, shall we? Autumn in New York is perennially glorious, and this one is no exception. As I type, I’m gazing longingly out a mocking window, which shows me only a reflection of flattering Fall sunlight reflected on the brick building opposite.

And since I’m being teased, so will you be, fair Fall reader. No outdoor leaf-changing NYC in the park shots here. Just your run-of-the-mill outfit post from within the confines of the work milieu.

Dear Creatures Cherry dress in tan dots, Topshop Alvin booties (new favorite footwear I’ve been sporting almost daily)

To help me break up the work day, the lovely Tani posed by windows with me!

Magaschoni colorblocked cashmere dress (a recent birthday gift from a beloved aunt), Canto de Ricci flats from Florence, Italy (she absolutely wants you to know that they are not the omnipresent Tory Burch medallion flats, btw).

Happy September 25th, friends.

((Cat Power – Manhattan))