gothy birthday to you!

This week I’m a gal of a few words. I will leave you to puzzle over these photos from the gothy themed birthday party I threw for my beloved last weekend. He said it was one of the best birthdays ever. Duh. It was gothy.

Goth cookie cake! I made it!

Goths are such goofballs.

American Eagle eyelet corset top, UNIF Birkin crochet skirtEcote split suede wedges

Gothy babe in arms

Happy birthday!

<3<3<3 Bff’s Katja and Danielle. (Not pictured: Erika, ’cause she’s a vampire and can’t be photographed)

She just moved away 😦 DO NOT LIKE.

Bff’s. Ennui.

This post would not be complete without a kitteh.

((Future Bible Heroes – I’m a Vampire))