31 candles

Yesterday, I turned 31. This definitely went over our lunch server’s head as she spent a full 1.75 minutes studying my driver’s license. Everlasting carding irritations aside, I had a simply glorious day and was happy as a crab (which I incidentally devoured 3X during my celebratory meal, as it is my favorite of all the foods).

Brian managed to keep dinner a surprise for weeks and, boy oh boy, did that surprise deliver. He took me to David Bouley’s Brushstrokefor a modern take on a Japanese kaiseki meal — nine courses of mind-blowing, party-in-my-mouth dishes. The ingredients used are incredibly fresh and seasonal, but this meal also elevates eating to a visual art form, with balanced decisions made based on flavors, textures and colors. I pretty much squealed with delight upon eyeing, and then consuming each new plate. The blonde wood and minimalist dining decor worked in perfect harmony with the feast, and I unwittingly put on a birthday dress fitting to the milieu that morning.

This is the face of 31.

I’m going to grow older and older with him.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled personal style programming for some food porn. Check out the candle holder made of radish.

Our cherry blossoms withered over the course of the 3-hour meal, which was, beautifully, the point. This is how I want to wither — with grace, not botox.

My favorite course — chawanmushi with dungeness crab (#1) and black truffle oil. Yeah, that tasted exactly as unsettlingly delicious as it sounds.

Crab course #2 (soft shell crab in tempura batter and sesame seeds atop a ramp puree)

Well, of course I had to make this face. I’m eating.

Birthday treats, with a side of sinister. A delightful finale.

Dark like my soul

Peach Zara frilled dress, Anthropologie ankle socks, tuleste market clog wedge sandals, vintage Coach stewardess bag

Husband’s birthday gift, via Dear Fieldbinder

So there we have it. I am officially past 30 and ‘in my thirties.” Inasmuch as 30 blew the decade before it clear out of the water, I’m pretty pumped to see what this one holds. If this surprise meal serves as any sort of metaphor for what may come, something tells me I’m in for something good.

((The Bird & the Bee – I’m into Something Good))