[red leather] yellow leather

Soooo…what’s up, you guys? I haven’t posted in a week, I know (insert shameful face), but yesterday I attempted to make up for it by getting off my slovenly bottom on a cruddy, blustery Saturday [see winded fuzzy head below] to try a bit of DIY. Inspired by my husband’s current project to make real stuff in contrast to the portfolio of emails, virtual pins and Power[shudder]Point presentations that I have to my name, I took Kelly Horrigan‘s leather necklace workshop with bff Katja at Brooklyn’s 3rd Ward. (For anyone in the NYC area, I highly recommend taking one of the wide breadth of classes available here. I sure will be taking more in the future!). Since my experiments with DIY have been few and far between (wedding, the occasional holiday card, feather hair extensions that later, rather unnervingly, took out pieces of my hair), I opted to keep it simple with a fluro collar number.

So much buttery goodness.

This photo is a sham. Those scissors could not cut those chains.

Paper prototyping.

Trying it on.

Katja prepping for some fantastic fringe action.

Note that morning’s failed and chunky DIY nail art on my ring finger.

Highlighter yellow, obvs. Shocked I didn’t screw up the cutting portion of the project.

Pounding grommets with large mallet-type objects is surprisingly therapeutic.

Ta-da! My finished product.

Finished product on my person.