district 12 digs


Wilfred Marquis jacket via Aritzia, BDG jeans, Justin roper boots, Filson tote bag, I Adorn U bracelet and arrow earrings

Happy hunger games, everybody! After a couple years of impatient childlike anticipation, the day finally arrived! Persnickety critiques of minuscule book deviations and the lack of Battle Royale-esque violence aside, this movie (for me) delivered. The cast was pretty damn fantastic. Exception: Liam Hemsworth is veering dangerously close to Taylor Lautner (::shudder::) territory, but we’ll just have to give him the benefit of the doubt until installment #2. Overall, the spirit of the novel was beautifully captured, the cinematography breathtakingly bleak. And every Capitol scene was like one giant Dances of Vice shindig (hello, feast for the eyes!).

Like probably every other fan out there, I went in lightly Katniss inspired, sans side braid (as that is my lazy girl coif of choice). Opted instead for a clumsy, nest-y approximation of the prettiness in Madewell’s current Parisian[!] lookbook (yeah, yeah, it needs practice. I know this.) You know you all have some sort of utilitarian/workman inspired jive in your wardrobes, and it really does make the viewing experience that much more fun. And anything that empowers just a smidge of bad-assery in us all is a positive in my book.