moveable feasting tunics

This post is painful to write. As in, physically painful, as it chronicles a weekly belly bomb jaunt. See, Brian and I operate on somewhat of an 80/20 rule for lifestyle nutrition, where we cut out bad carbs for the majority of the week (his willpower > mine), and pick a day a week for a balls-out carb blowout. I’m not posting here to condone or condemn anyone’s nutriment philosophies, but to merely discuss what we wear when feasting to camouflage food babies, and to somewhat heroically share with you some unflattering after-feast photos of myself (yeah, sorry). Indeed, this is probably my favorite day of the week, as I strategically brainstorm the most delicious scenarios days before our carb-up (I keep a running list). Stuffing our faces senselessly, mercilessly–it turns out–is really really fun. And then it’s followed by a graceless, meandering stroll–er, waddle and a vanquished collapse.

Carb-up day is serious, make no mistake about it

Mental preparation for food battle, with metal collar points

Bedrock to lay dessert upon: pimento grilled cheese (+fried chicken sammich, not pictured)

A decent approximation of what the carbed up eye spies

This weekend’s main attraction: sfinge, aka zeppole, an Italian confection available for a very limited time  once a year to commemorate St. Joseph’s Day. It’s basically a giant cream puff with cannoli-style pastry filling. This stuff is an explosion of yummy.

Yeah, that’s a cannoli on the side

Things are happening

My delicious nemesis

Defeated by sfinge

Zara tunic, ASOS Petite leather moto jacket, Old Hollywood Spearheads necklace, Tart leggings. Belly not included.

The willowy tunic and stretchy waisted bottoms (i.e. leggings) uniform is pretty much ideal for expanding bellies. And for my shorter sisters, especially, the tunic-that-functions-as-frock adds so much to a wardrobe, no? The above Tart leggings are some of the softest and most supple buttercream-on-my-legs ones I’ve ever worn. They’re also incredibly thin, so no leggings as pants blunders here — cover your bottoms, people!

What about you guys? Do you have go-to armor for days involving big eats? If you’ve got any ideas for incredible carb-ups in NYC, please share!