global warming = stupefying sample sale

Attention New Yorkers: the disorientation and turmoil wrought by winter 2012’s split personality disorder on our minds/bodies/hearts has been vindicated. Justice has been gloriously administered in the form of massive excess inventory in the laughably, horrifyingly great Mackage // Soia & Kyo sample sale that opened today in Chelsea Market. Everything is marked at 50% off give or take a few. All sizes are available, i.e. my vertically challenged compatriots? XXS aplenty! Spontaneity makes for blurry iPhone photos, so here we go!

Take a gander at this bad boy:

This is half the sample sale space. Overhead, there are boxes upon boxes of merch they’re continually adding to the sale.

Badass leather jacket (whattup, studs!) my friend Anna united with her loving arms (along with a lovely little shearling moto leather number)

The Mackage (and Soia & Kyo) XXS is a gift to little ladies. A gift. (and she came with my new friend, free-standing umbrella!)

A little poodle action up top

We’re feeling pretty good (and pretty Asian) right about now.

I scored something. Brian scored something. Pretty much all the co-worker friends I went with scored something. And given that I suck at sport spectatorship, the aforementioned marks the most times I’ve ever employed the word ‘score’ in one sitting. Alas, dear reader, you too, may score something. Run, run, run to Chelsea Market, my friends!

(Oh, and this last thing is in no way related to the above, but as long as I’m on a high, here’s the best cat-related item of the week. Kthxbye.)