these shoes do a kind of voodoo

Today’s post is brought to you by yesterday’s get-up and my iPhone. My fingers may have gone way overboard with the filtering, so y’all are just gonna have to deal with today’s intergalactic saturation. Pshew pshew pshew!

I couldn’t wait ’til Spring to whip out this Rachel Comey sample sale score (I’m referring to the clogs, of course). They’re luscious and I would like to then wear them on my lips, if possible. Like a potent red/orange/coral pout, these bad boys, to me, have the power to inject necessary zing into an otherwise dreary day. In other words, I should have saved them for today. ‘Cause, ho hum. New Yorkers (+ other cities with similarly blah blah weather), stay warm, dry and schmurgly.

American Apparel tri-blend pullover, vintage plaid skirt, Rachel Comey Killick slingback clogs, Honor ii necklace

Squee or constipation? Perhaps we’ll never know.

((Kate Bush – The Red Shoes))