eyes be closed.

There is nothing more precious than time off. It’s not the eventful days that I cling to on days I start to forget how lucky I am to have this life, which is, I’m ashamed to admit, too often (I promise I’m working on being a better person, day by day). It’s mostly days like yesterday — spent with aimless wandering and skipping down the sidewalk with my loved one, savoring first and second brunches, and laying in the sunspots with Audrey — that I cherish the most. During the work week rife with chaos, frustrations and disappointments, these are the ones I close my eyes to recall and impart a great, warm embrace. And then the gratitude comes rushing back.

Antique locket necklace from my favorite vintage jewelry store, Pippin. I have yet to fabricate a backstory for the two mysterious women immortalized within.

Dear Creatures Audrey blouse, Madewell bird’s-eye pullover, nondescript tween denim brand that fits better than any higher end brand I’ve tried, hat from romwe, Matt & Nat Madie bag, ASOS Andre Chelsea boots, Wilfred Marquis jacket via Aritzia, vintage Dior sunglasses

Inside your voice resounds,
your thoughts realign
your words recall to mind
your short, sweet life

((Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed))