♥ blackhearts ♥

Hark! It’s Valentine’s Day. And today’s hearty (har har) get-up is brought to you by shamefully geekful high school Camille, back when my circle of friends donned our darkest for just one day as a makeshift coven. On Halloween (yeah, yeah), we piled on the inkiest kohl liner and mu-mu maxi-skirts we could find at whatever Canadian version of Contempo Casuals we had. We sailed down the hallways, feeling powerful as we attempted to use non-existent magicks to eye-gouge every boy with a Leonardo DiCaprio Growing Pains haircut, who’d ever unknowingly wronged us. Ok, so our love for The Craft never extended far beyond costume and to this day I’m terrified of Ouija boards and the prospects of being light as a feather, stiff as a board. I have, however, established a tradition of black uniform (+ anatomical ❤ necklace, my first ever Etsy purchase) on Valentine’s Day.

Photo: RookieMag

Why this day of all? I mean, we’ve already established I’m pretty much the opposite of curmudgeonly (most of the time). You will be my BFF anytime you send me squeeable kittens doing adorable things on YouTube. I heart macarons, the color peach, and anything that puts a bow/animal/heart/bird on it. I will probably eat some form of pink or red confectionary item (Update: I did, as they spoiled us with macarons in the cafeteria today) , and you can be sure this will be my playlist all day long. I squeal with delight at all the VDay Modcloth lookbooks and lovey blogposts out there. I eat allll this shit up.

Must be the season of the witch

But I also used to place just a smidge too much emphasis on this day than it requires/deserves, and in my younger angsty days, wore an armor of black, to first deal, then eventually feel a sense of empowerment. Today, it has become a token of affection for my husband’s inner teen goth. We don’t really celebrate VDay with astronomical, sub-par pre-fixes. Instead, he claps with joy at whatever all-noir attire I have stepped into, we embrace, and wish each other “happy gothvalentine’s!!” It’s pretty sweet! We also save the really special acts of our adoration and care for those occasion-neglected days. The daily expressions of love and gratitude would make you nauseous, in fact.

Ooooooh. Ok, not so talented at doing ‘creepy’

Daily rings: Jezebel Evil Eye ring, ring whose designer I can’t recall from Stuart & Wright (a non-occasion day gift from Brian) Chinatown non-engraved baby ring

Forever21 t-shirt and leggings, UNIF Birkin crochet skirt, Gar-de silk blazer, Etsy necklace

I want you to know that I am, indeed, full of love, as I wrote this entire blogpost waiting in line at the most inspiriting of venues–the DMV.

See? Full of love.

(*Note: I’m proud to say that I have accomplished my mission of making not one, but two DMV employees smile AND laugh!! We talked about online shopping and I introduced them to Etsy. See, you guys? This stuff brings people together.)

Happy [goth]valentine’s day to all and happy Valentine’s day to all who celebrate.

Just, please: promise me you’ll love harder on the days you aren’t reminded to. ♥♥♥

Song of the day has all the  saccharine sentiment apropos to the day, yet done in a ‘do epic shit’, badass sort of way.
((Nika+Rory: I’m Not Going Anywhere))