Ok, so I talk about my cat a lot. Shaddup. I’m a crazy cat lady and I’ll admit it, goddammit. I love that the Internet chose cats for the majority of its memes. I die a little bit inside each time I hear someone say they hate cats (because, hi, have you singled out an entire animal family to be object of your abhorrence? I’m even super into this Victoria Beckham frock, and I could just kiss Mr. Jason Wu for choosing Milu the cat as the mascot for his Target collection.

My little Audrey is so irresistible to me that I want to mush/crush/bite her face, a sensation I know you’re all familiar with. You just haven’t had anything to label it with until now. There isn’t a sufficient English translation, but in Tagalog, it’s referred to as gigilwhen someone is so ridiculously adorable that you have an intense urge to [again] mush/crush/bite/squeeze this animal or person, probably whilst modulating your voice to its utmost squeak ceiling. The facial contortions forged from this uncontrollable compulsion…well, they ain’t pretty.

To protect the general public from such uncouth behavior, I leave my little Audrey cake cat (don’t ask) at home and, instead, venture out into the world with representations of this cuteness.

Gigil face!!

Pussy[cat] bow blouse from, Gar-de leather jumper (again), Dolce Vita shoes

If you happen to spot some adorable kitty themed items, please send them my way asap. I am twee and I apologize to no one! Off to watch ((kittens inspired by kittens)) for the umpteenth time.

Happy Friday and I do hope you all enjoy a lovely Caturday tomorrow 🙂

((The Cure – The Lovecats))