lyrical livery: the sweater song

It’s a sort of dreary, snowy, hibernatin’, 1 hour bathin’, diy nail stickerin’ kind of day. Due to this boredom and apparently excessive time on my hands, I’m about to shamefully and bizarrely nerd out to try something new here. Obvs, I’m kinda into clothes, right? Ok, so, onto the list of things I’m slowly revealing about myself, another of the top 5 random things I love is karaoke. Especially of the private room variety. I blame my heritage. Every Filipino household I’ve ever been to has one of these bad boys nestled lovingly between the Xbox 360 and one of those insane mega-remote controls that turn TV manipulation into brain surgery. It isn’t at all unusual to walk into a living room or den to chance upon a family member belting it out to an audience of none. Riding on the interwebs trend that is webcam karaoke, I give you my attempt to marry two unrelated things that I love.

Caution: do not press play if you’re uneasy with regards to geekery, air guitar and hair whipping. Here it is, in an installment of  “things that maybe sounded better in my head”, I give to you: Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer. You’ve been warned.

Thoughts? Did that idea totally suckslashweird you out? Stop me before I embarrass myself further! We’ll switch the focus of this post to the unveiling of 8 year-old Camille fringe. Orrrr…are you a weirdo, too, and thus you kinda got into it and maybe have future song ideas?!? Indulge me!

If you want to destroy my sweater, it will take about 24 seconds, as it’s an oldie from fast fashion mecca Forever21. I’m wearing it over this Dolce Vita dress (not my photo) and fleece-lined tights (a must on snowy days!), which you cannot see, because there is a sick kitteh sleeping on my lap.