fashback: deux oiseaux

The first in a series of retrospecting upon past get-ups, this gallery also documents a super-special occasion: the day my dear friends Christine and Bryce got married. They’re currently celebrating three months of bliss and I’m just now wiping up the drool off my keyboard after viewing their beauteous nuptial photos by the fantastic Cooper Carras.

Christine and Bryce chose the enchanted Middle Earthy Armstrong Redwoods as their hitchin’ post (and a heavenly Sonoma vineyard post-hitchin’). They’re self-professed nerds (hip hip hooray for nerdlove!), and share a fondness for birds and nature, food adventuring and the stuff of io9 posts… Sooo, when they asked me to read during their ceremony (srsly, honored), I gasped out loud when I found the perfect passage. (Christine may have jumped, in her wedding shoes, in childlike delight.) LotR FTW!

Oh, and one more thing: I set them up seven years ago (step up, OkCupid) and now they are married. NBD.

Oh, happy day!
Photo: Cooper Carras Photography

Now, I’m aware that peach is further towards the spring/summer end of the color spectrum, but it’s the one hue I can’t help but carry on into every season. I lovelovelove peach. My attempt to autumn-ize it involved a warm cognac platform heel. The sequined blazer brought me into nighttime and cloaked when the Sonoma Valley evening breeze set in.

Forest nymph impression…or something.

Oh, hai, wine country sunset.

Vintage 70s disco dress from Etsy (perfectly fit thrifted frocks are my jam!), Aldo platform heels (they make me 5’5″!!), Urban Outfitters sequin jacket and purse, earrings from NeedSupply

Christine + Bryce, perfectly matched, in penguin form
Cooper Carras Photography

Xo, lovebirds!

((France Gall – Deux Oiseaux))