outro ’11

Boy, am I ever knackered. Forgive the sluggishness brought on by ambitious post-holiday juice fasts and back-to-school insomnia, and the mild depresso action provoked by Christmas tree disposal (I cried, a little, in my half-sleep. Audrey hid under things and broke hearts with enormous sad eyes). I’m sure I speak for most when I say it hurts to be positioned behind an ergonomically appropriate desk today.

After our Florida Christmas, we did nothing but sleep in ’til 9am (NINE O’CLOCK, you guys), indulge in episodes of so-CW-it-hurts blood-sucker teen drama The Vampire Diaries (whoops, that just slipped out–sorry, husband!), quaff and fatten up for end of days  (hey-o, zombie apocalypse!).

Just in case the end of the 13th b’ak’tun does signal the end of the world as we know it though, we gussied up for its segue, making muffled merry at a choose-your-own-apocalypse themed Vinegar Hill House dinner. We wore our wedding suits (my secondary one) for specialness!

Zombie apocalypse faces!!

Jay Godfrey tiered chiffon dress, Urban Outfitters sequined jacket, Leigh Lezark V1 x Surface to Air heels

Vintage clutch

AllSaints Lendra coat

Heels + cobble stones. Awkward.

intro ’12

My style resolution for 2012: to be less timid with prints and color!

American Apparel tri-blend track t-shirt, Surface to Air palm tree printed jumpsuit

Happy 2012, everyone!

((The XX – Intro))