everything is one big christmas tree

YES. Can you smell that? That’s the scent of pure joy and childlike delight and wide-eyed wonder, i.e. the scent of Christmas trees. Sometime in the near future, I promise you, there will be some brand of world-weary cynicism or rancid cases of the mean reds up in here, but for now, I’m all about cloying holiday cheer and sentiment, yo. That Christmas trees bring giddy gluttony, schmurgly naps shared with my  little Audrey (my kitteh, like me, was the runt of the litter and will, like me, always be very small) and time off with family and friends–well, I live for this sh*t (expletive, sorry mama!). This season also brings out our inner magpies, and things get, some may say, a disturbing eighty-two ways of glitter, glow and shine. I LOVE THIS. 

This weekend, we attended the last of the pre-Christmas shindigs (where, sidebar, we contributed a pretty sweet White Elephant gift, if I do say so myself), and opted for the sheen bequeathed by leather. (The sparkle and shimmer will happen, don’t you despair.) I have no clue why, but this leather dress by Gar-de seemed to have been cut for us littlies (or perhaps those of you more adventuresome leggy types). At any rate, it didn’t require hemming so it’s probably made to be a tunic, which is always a winner in my book.

Gar-de leather jumper, Lewis Cho blouse, Wolford tights, Dolce Vita Vienna platform pumps

This year’s Christmas tree. She be plump and happy.

Audrey! (who has rotated the tree into her daily nap sites and is bound to be as unhappy as I once this season ends)

((The Magnetic Fields  – Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree))