better together: i was made for you.

I’ll be the platform shoes and undo what heredity’s done to you. You won’t have to strain to look into my eyes.”

-The Postal Service

Meet Brian, my partner in crime. He himself is quite the dapper gentleman and, in fact, acts as my stylist and constructive critic pretty much daily. Besides embarking on adventures around the world, glutting our faces with diverse delectables, nerding out on vampires and werewolves and zombies (oh, my!), and expanding a bizarre inner world, we share a love of fashion. A couple of days ago, we gussied up for the company holiday party… Yep, we work together and actually met at a company sales conference–sexy, I know.

This holiday party outfit was inspired by (duh) the 60s–which will reveal itself to be a blatant leitmotif in this diary :)–and by the irresistible Zooey Deschanel, vintage fashion darling, manic pixie dream girl and Williamsburg pin-up extraordinaire. My adoration for Zooey is unapologetic. So there, to you, the naysayers and jaded haters of cute overload and celebrations of unabashed girliness!

Brian making angry face (I didn’t get the memo).

His: John Varvatos striped suit, Steven Alan tie
Hers: 60s vintage yellow dress, Nine West Showstopper heels

And as for Brian? Well, he chose a dark navy pinstriped number from his beloved collection of well-tailored suits. He’s got excellent taste, it turns out, and that’s just awesome.

My husband is also super-awesome because, even though he is six-feet tall, he makes this little lady feel six-feet tall. He believes in me like nobody’s business. He impels me to do things that, in my mind, are beyond my strengths and abilities (e.g. because of this man’s encouragement and training, I once did 10 pull-ups, true story). We enrich each other’s lives, and each inspires the other to aspire to betterness. And when we can make the other look good, that’s just icing on the cake.

((She & Him –  I Was Made for You))