medieval times (or how i started a style blog)

This past weekend, my husband Brian and I braved the ~3 hour subway round-trip outside the comfortable borders of our lovely borough to enjoy a glorious autumn afternoon at The Cloisters, the museum at the upper tip of Manhattan, housing reliquaries, art and architecture from Medieval Europe.

I was inspired by our destination–opting for the vestal severity akin to a nun’s habit to prance around the grounds of this frankensteinian abbey (the museum structure is stitched together with gardens, rooms and five cloistered abbeys transported from France)–and, in tandem, by the child Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s provincial orphanage garb as depicted in Coco Avant Chanel (which, to Brian’s delight, was pretty gothy and badass).

A still from 'Coco Avant Chanel'

Now, I do realize such vestments skew my apparent age by about half, but a few years ago, I began to get over my vertical challenge and embrace my outer moppet. Puerile insecurities, be damned!

Dress by ASOS, leather jacket by Doma, tights by Wolford, shoes from Target

On our tour, one of the things we marveled at (besides the unicorn tapestries, because, come on, UNICORNS!) was the unexpected color bursts of the ornate tapestries (echoing the stained-glass windows that surround the museum), which, even after five+ centuries, still reflect the rich history of the period through sumptuous, eye-pleasing jewel hues–apropos palette inspirations for the coming holiday season. Golds, emeralds and burgundies? Yes, please.