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yes, please. let’s dance.

yes, please. let’s dance. in metallic leather jackets, booties and short-shorts. all of this.


Olivia Bee shot the latest lookbook for Audrey Grace. And there is just so much hypnotic pretty, I can’t stand it. via NYLON


It’s really no secret that I relish in the season of Yuletide. So, let’s just eschew with the formalities and get down to the merry business, shall we? Yippee! Here we go! Jaunty Epaulet shirt,… Continue reading

music + cats.

Today is a big day in this little life of mine: Release of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor; Release (after much delay) of Sky Ferreira’s Night Time, My Time; and most importantly: National Cat Day… Continue reading

it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Hihihi, Autumn! How I’ve missed you.  <<hug hug hug!>> So long, skeeter bites, eau de Nouveau York detritus on every street corner, rear-knee sweat, et al. Salutations, ankle booties, moto jackets, kaleidoscopic foliage, cornucopia holiday… Continue reading

Dreams Are Real

Dreams *do* come true, as evinced by this, the best music video of all time. Complete with Westward Leaning-ish mirrored lenses.

Oh Land – Renaissance Girl

I love everything about this: cadet-blue locks, cat-eye liner, costume changes (that gilded jacket!) empowering tidings, et al.

once more, with feeling!

Happiest of birthdays to this handsome devil. I’ve probably worn way more black since I met you, and that is a very, very good thing, indeed. ((Future Bible Heroes – I’m a Vampire))

tripping daisy

tripping daisy A prohibition era fancier’s wet dream (too much?): Carey Mulligan graces the cover of the May issue of Vogue for The Great Gatsby. I must now engage on a mission to… Continue reading

shorn + tinctured.

In an attempt to shake up the teeming stagnation, ambiguity and self-faithlessness I’ve been feeling lately (quarter-life catastrophe #527 blah blah blah), I embraced spontaneity (a rarity) and got Felicity’ed. Exit: half a foot… Continue reading