the first sign of spring

Spotted all over the streets of Brooklyn, NYC: bare legs and legs and legs for days. The truest sign of vernal glory, equinox notwithstanding was out in full force today — freshly shorn gams that hadn’t… Continue reading

yes, please. let’s dance.

yes, please. let’s dance. in metallic leather jackets, booties and short-shorts. all of this.

fashback friday: i heart onesies

Some things never change. I wish I had a lil’ romper that is a larger version of the one pictured here. That’s my brother Jorell on the right. You can see he’s got… Continue reading

winter wonderland

No. I’m not talking about Pax, Snowpocalypse, or Athena, or whatever that little stinker groundhog dooms us to next. I’m referring to a more tranquil frost that now feels eons ago; let’s throw… Continue reading


Olivia Bee shot the latest lookbook for Audrey Grace. And there is just so much hypnotic pretty, I can’t stand it. via NYLON

cool as a cucumber

Oh, I know, I have not blagged in forever and a day. That’s mostly because the below has been my uniform for all weeks in recent wintertide memory. Woolrich John Rich & Co.… Continue reading

petite shmetite

I recently committed the gravest of petite cardinal sins: an oversized coat. I just badly coveted a toasty, black cocoon topper–impossible to find smurf-sized or otherwise–and Reformation makes a beauty in the Landon.… Continue reading

mind blown.

mind blown. like, exceedingly blown.


It’s really no secret that I relish in the season of Yuletide. So, let’s just eschew with the formalities and get down to the merry business, shall we? Yippee! Here we go! Jaunty Epaulet shirt,… Continue reading

isabel marant madness

This weekend counts as one of the few where moppet stature actually paid off. After multiple unsuccessful attempts competing with H&M’s uncooperative, confounding and overburdened e-comm site, where desired pieces weren’t sold out… Continue reading